Summer is here at last

IMG_4705After what has felt like an eternity of cold weather, summer finally looks like it’s here and all the trees and plants are in bloom. From the tiny shoots I saw back in February, the local gardens are alive with colour and change.

Being nurtured by loving care and warm sunshine has helped nature prosper and really come to life, despite for a while it looking like nothing was going to happen.

This got me thinking about the cyclical nature of life, reflecting the seasons and passage of the moon. Joy and sadness ebb and flow through us, and without one it is doubtful that we would be able to appreciate the other. Gestalt theory posits that every action and emotion goes through a cycle, and we experience problems when we get stuck along the way, ending up with an ‘unfinished gestalt,’ leaving us feeling empty and unsatisfied.

Sometimes we are unable to get the closure we feel we need, for example if a loved one has passed on without us being able to express our feelings to them, or if a relationship has broken down without hope of reconciliation. If this is the case, therapy can be a place to go over these unfinished cycles and attempt at completing them in a safe environment so we are able to move on with our lives and feel a greater sense of peace with our pasts.


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