Learning from Nature


As I wandered through Kew Gardens yesterday I was struck by the incredible variety and beauty of the plants and trees on display, each species adapting and evolving to their particular habitats.

IMG_4919It made me think of the different coping strategies and self-care methods that we, as individuals, develop. To those around us, our ways of dealing with things may seem bizarre or different to their own, but as long as we are growing, healthy and content, this is irrelevant. We will all grow in our own way, and things that others may view as small or futile can be of great importance and life-changing value.


IMG_4958Life isn’t a series of pre-programmed goals that we must achieve by particular ages, and rushing through in a panic trying to tick them off can be unhelpful and unsatisfying. We are all different and our aims and progress will be as unique as we are. Comparing ourselves to and competing with others can be torturous, but giving ourselves a break every now and again and taking stock of what it is that we really feel is important can help us gain insight, clarity and peace.

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